I'm Rio, a concept artist and illustrator currently based in Spain.
I love drawing characters and snowy environments as well as monsters.

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Contact: not_rio@hotmail.com

Here is some of the work I've done on GameJam events so far.

IDEA Game Jam

Global Game Jam 2019


My name is Rio and I'm a 27 year old concept artist and illustrator from Spain.
I have loved art and video games since childhood, and only a few years back I decided I wanted to get in the industry, so I started taking my art much more seriously.
I aim to become a professional concept artist and help create the same kind of video games that I love. Also, I'm pretty much self taught.

Ever since 2018 I have participated in several Game Jams and worked in several indie games on indie studios.

Some of my hobbies include playing and making games, photography, rollerblading and eating hot, hot takoyaki.

Some of my favorite artists are Kaneoya Sachiko, Francisco de Goya, Sdzisław Beksiński, Simon Stålenhag and H.R Giger.

This is some personal art and fanart I've done.
Most of it is Golden Kamuy.